Sept Meeting—

"The Bald Eagle--Conservation Success Story"

Sept 1st, Program at 7p.m.;

at the Brescia University Campus Center Study Pavilion.


—Meet the speaker at Moonlite BBQ--5:30 p.m. til 7 ish.--

Don't be bashful. See you at Moonlite.

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Daviess County Audubon Society

also, next month our October program is an artist muralist following John James Audubon's life path.

Hitnes (1982- ) Painter, muralist, adventurer, and fisherman, this Roman- born Italian travels through modern city jungles and forests around the globe, observing and capturing forms and shapes of the natural world. He translates these observations from microscopic etchings to large-scale murals.

We are very excited to share plans for
an international event. HItnes, a Roman
artist who specializes in murals, will visit
Owensboro in early October. His project
is to film, paint and explore the steps of J.
J. Audubon. During his time in Daviess
County he will present our October 6th
program, paint a mural on a local building
(location still to be determined), go
out with some local birders and visit the
J.J. Audubon Museum in Henderson. His
work is magnificent, colorful and lifelike,
enhancing its surroundings. Check
out this 3 minute video


and current images on his facebook
page (the image hunter). We are
very privileged to be able to bring him to


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