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Our monthly program event: "Rudy Mines Nature Trails in Ben Hawes City Park" presented by Friends of Rudy Mines Trails Inc., Sarah McNulty and Gary Emord-Netzley.

Oct 4th, Tuesday, 7pm at the Owensboro Museum of Science and History

"meet the presenter" opportunity, 530 pm at Moonlite BBQ:

Our Program presenter Sara McNulty and Gary Emord-Netzley, from Friends of Rudy
Mines Trails, will present a program on the History and current issues about the Rudy Mines
Nature Trail and Ben Hawes Natural areas property.
Friends of Rudy Mines Trails is a group of like minded people who share a desire for the
RMT to remain a green space and be developed for recreational purposes that include walking,
biking, natural world educational programs.
The group includes Sarah McNulty, who sold most of the
land to that makes up the trails, Bill Jagoe, a local developer,
Cyndi Sturgeon, former Owensboro Parks and Recreation
Director and Gary Emord-Netzley .
Sara McNulty is a Wesleyan BA Graduate, two masters
from Western in education/psychology and folkstudies—
Biofeed back specialist for 10 years.—
VP of Owensboro Museum of Science and History Museum—One daughter
and two grandchildren. Current project—Keeping Rudy
Mine trails at highest use: Eco-tourism.. —d.s.—DCAS


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